Amigurumi Duck Free Pattern

One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi duck. You can learn how to crochet these duck using the free amigurumi pattern.

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• Yarn “Pehorka openwork” (mercerized cotton)
• Hook 1.3
• Toy filler
• 2 half beads or finished eyes
• Felt


sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
ch – chain
sl st – slip stich



Dial 2ch, in the second loop from the hook we knit:
1 row: 6sc (6)
2 row: 6inc (12)
3 row: (1sc, inc) * 6 (18)
4 row: (2sc, inc) * 6 (24)
5 row: (3sc, inc) * 6 (30)
6 row: (4sc, inc) * 6 (36)
7 row: (5sc, inc) * 6 (42)
8 row: (6sc, inc) * 6 (48)

9 row: (7sc, inc) * 6 (54)
10-18 Rows: 54sc (54)
19 row: (dec, 7sc) * 6 (48)
20 row: (dec, 6sc) * 6 (42)
21 row: (dec, 5sc) * 6 (36)
22 row: (dec, 4sc) * 6 (30)
23 row: (dec, 3sc) * 6 (24)
24 row: (dec, 2sc) * 6 (18)
25-26 rows: 18sc
Knitting to finish, do not break the thread!

Torso + Legs

Keep knitting on
27 row: (2sc, inc) * 6 (24)
28-30 rows: 24sc (24)
31 row: (3sc, inc) * 6 (30)
32-36 rows: 30sc (30)
37 row: (4sc, inc) * 6 (36)
38 row: (5sc, inc) * 6 (42)
39-46 rows: 42sc (42)

From this place we will make reductions strictly on the sides, thereby forming hips. For this fold the body in half and mark the extreme loops (sides). Rearrange marker to start row was on the side!
47 row: dec, 19sc, dec, 19sc (40)
48 row: dec, 18sc, dec, 18sc (38)
49 row: dec, 17sc, dec, 17sc (36)
50 row: dec, 16sc, dec, 16sc (34)
51 row: dec, 15sc, dec, 15sc (32)
Then we knit 7sc, count in the opposite direction 14sc (7 stitches in front and 7 eyelets of the back) and we knit 2sc, capturing immediately both in front and the back (we will have these 2sc as times in the middle between the legs). Now, we knit the legs separately (14sc each).

52-57 rows: 14sc (14)
58 row: 6sc, dec, 6sc (13) Decreases should go strictly on the outside of the thigh!
59 row: 5sc, dec, 6sc (12)
60 row: 5sc, dec, 5sc (11)
61-75 rows: 11sc (11)
Finish knitting 1sl-st, break the thread.
Similarly, we knit the second leg.


The first feather:
Dial 2ch and knit into the second loop from the hook:
1 row: 6sc (6)
2 row: 6inc (12)
3 row: 5sc, inc, 5sc, inc (14)
4-9 rows: 14sc (14)
Knitting finish 1sl-st, thread cut.

The second feather:
Dial 2ch and into the second loop from the hook we knit:
1 row: 6sc (6)
2 row: 6inc (12)
3 row: (2sc, inc) * 4 (16)
4-10 rows: 16sc (16)
Knitting finish 1sl-st, thread crop.

Third feather:
Dial 2ch and into the second loop from we knit a hook:
1 row: 6sc (6)
2 row: 6inc (12)
3rd row: (1sc, inc) * 6 (18)
4-15 rows: 18sc (18)

Knit to finish 1sl-st, do not break the thread on this feather, but begin to collect all the feathers in wing:
1st row: according to the 3rd feather 9sc, along the 2nd feather 8sc, along the 1st feather 14sc, then along the 2nd feather 8sc and the 3rd peru 9sc (48) 2-3 rows: 48sc (48)

The beginning of the row is located in the middle of 3 feathers (see photo), then we knit like this:
9sc, dec, 12sc, from one loop knit 3sc, 13sc, dec, 17sc, dec, 13sc, from one loop knit (1sc, 1dc, 1sc), 5sc, dec, 15sc, dec, 13sc, from one sang knit 3dc, 15sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 30sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 29sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 13sc, then we knit 7sc for both sides of the pen, 8sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 4sc for both sides of the pen, 10sc, knit the remaining stitches for both sides.
Similarly tie the second wing!


Dial 2ch and in 2 loops from the hook we knit:
1 row: 8sc (8)
2 row: 8inc (16)
3 row: (1sc, inc) * 8 (24)
4-5 rows: 24sc (24)
Knitting finish 1sl-st.
Give the beak a shape and sew to the head.


Face Face
Sew on beak, wings, glue eyes and cilia. Ready-made shoes to fill and sew to legs, make ribbons from ribbons and tie them already on the leg. Make a skirt out of a ribbon, either from fabric. The head of a duck can be decorated with flowers!


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